If there's a matting solution - Mats and Frames Ltd will provide it. We currently stock the following mats, Dominator, TopGuard, TireGuard, CleanMid A, CleanMid B, CleanMid C, BrossGuard, PolyGuard Light, Polyguard Heavy, FrontRunner, FrontRunner Plus, TN-10, TN-24, FB-30, T-80:20, T-32, T-65, Ultitrend, Cut Fast Coir, Jet Print Logo Mats. We have a comprehensive range of mats and matting - all available to bespoke requirements. We have Stores across the UK and Ireland. The current stores are in Glasgow - Scotland, Belfast - Northern Ireland and Dublin Ireland. printed mats, logo mats, entrance mats, customised mats, welcome mat, doormats, printed doormats, custom printed mats, safety mats, matting, anti-slip mats, anti-fatigue mats, fatigue mats, coir matting, coconut mats, coconut matting, floor mats, bar mats, coir logo mats, printed coir mat, scraper mats, custom print mats, design mats, entrance matting, office mats, shop mats, pub mats, restaurant mats, printed matting, mat logo, logos mat, welcome mats, entrance mat, print door mats, printed door mat, designer mats, mat with logo, mat printed, Mats and Frames ltd. We have also a wide range of industrial mats. Industrial situations such as production lines and machining areas are prone to oil and debris build up on the floor, creating slip and trip hazards for the operators. The Industrial Mats range provides a solution to these problems as the open structures of these mats allow swarf, debris and oil to pass through the mats providing a safe working floor surface, whilst also providing insulation from cold concrete floors and some fatigue relief.


Mats and Frames

If there's a matting solution - Mats and Frames will provide it. We have a comprehensive range of mats and matting - all available to bespoke requirements.

If you have any questions about the suitability of one of our floor matting products for a particular application - or need more information of any kind - please don't hesitate to get in touch. A member of the Mats and Frames team will always be happy to assist you with additional details or expert advice. Our helpful staff have a thorough understanding of the complete customised logo mat and general floor matting production process - from research and development to graphic design and final manufacturing.

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